Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Best Recipe in the Best Recipe Box Ever!

The hilarious women over at Mason Dixon Knitting are running a contest to discern the best recipe box and the best recipe ever. Here’s my recipe box, not as old as some (dating back only to 1967 when I, a blushing bride, started collecting handwritten recipes on 3x5 cards). It is duly dented and stained (not to mention getting a little rusty) from years of service.

I suspect that this unassuming box contains the Best Recipe Ever Penned By a Kid, namely my daughter Anne when she was about seven years old. Here’s a picture of it, so you can see it in its original technicolor, scratched-out glory.

And here’s the recipe itself. What’s in italics is on the pre-printed card:

Here’s what’s cookin' Yummies Serves ?
Recipe from the kitchen brain of Anne Gxxxxxxxx

Whipped cream, chocolet chips, marsh mellows, chocolet powder.

Squirt whipped cream into a pan. Mix in chocolet powder. Set aside.

Put marsh mellows into another pan. Put the pan in the toester oven untill marsh mellows are melted. Put them in a bowl. Dump w. cream mixture on top. Sprinkle on choc. chips as desired. Choc. chips may be melted with marsh mellows as desired. EAT!

“Yummies,” (a poem by Anne G.)

A wonderful treat you’ll want to eat
Though your parents will debate
‘Cause they will hate
this wonderfully wonderful thing

This recipe remains untested (to my knowledge).


Blogger Rooie said...

Ha! That is wonderful. Reminds me of the recipe I wrote out once as a kid. I was trying to reproduce a wonderful hot chocolate drink that my mom always made called French Chocolate. I think my version went like so:

Make french cocolat. Boil milk. Put in french cocolat and stir. Drink.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Kay said...

Priceless. (And it sounds good, by the way.)

11:29 PM  

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