Friday, August 03, 2007

Socks for My Son-in-Law

I have a wonderful son-in-law. I would love to knit him some socks, as I have for everyone else in my family. (In 2006 I knit fourteen pairs of socks, as well as various other things. It was The Year of The Sock. Now I can't stop...)

I think he would love for me to knit him some socks, but he has repeatedly told me not to, as he is so hard on socks (and on all of his clothes) that he says they would be ruined in an instant. The issue is general wear and tear, AND extremely sweaty feet.

So I made him a Christmas stocking last year when everyone else was getting hand knit socks, but hey, how many years can I do that?

I would like to hear from knitters how they have resolved this dilemma. Surely other men have sweaty feet? Even women? What would be a good material to use, and are there some knitting tricks that might cause a pair of hand knit socks to last more than a few wearings? they don't have to last forever, but you know... a year or so would be nice.

I am very open to suggestion!


Blogger SmilesMatter said...

I'm not a knitter, but I am descended from them.

"Grandmommy" made many double-layer booties for us all. They can be warn over socks or on bare feet. The things were just knit in a spiral, with the back of the heel stitched together, and two identical booties stitched at the top only.

The double-layer keeps them from wearing out as fast as something single-layered (the yarn rubs against yarn). They are prone to catching on splinters or nail heads in the floor, and are somewhat slippery, but very nice in front of a warm fire.

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