Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Best Recipe in the Best Recipe Box Ever!

The hilarious women over at Mason Dixon Knitting are running a contest to discern the best recipe box and the best recipe ever. Here’s my recipe box, not as old as some (dating back only to 1967 when I, a blushing bride, started collecting handwritten recipes on 3x5 cards). It is duly dented and stained (not to mention getting a little rusty) from years of service.

I suspect that this unassuming box contains the Best Recipe Ever Penned By a Kid, namely my daughter Anne when she was about seven years old. Here’s a picture of it, so you can see it in its original technicolor, scratched-out glory.

And here’s the recipe itself. What’s in italics is on the pre-printed card:

Here’s what’s cookin' Yummies Serves ?
Recipe from the kitchen brain of Anne Gxxxxxxxx

Whipped cream, chocolet chips, marsh mellows, chocolet powder.

Squirt whipped cream into a pan. Mix in chocolet powder. Set aside.

Put marsh mellows into another pan. Put the pan in the toester oven untill marsh mellows are melted. Put them in a bowl. Dump w. cream mixture on top. Sprinkle on choc. chips as desired. Choc. chips may be melted with marsh mellows as desired. EAT!

“Yummies,” (a poem by Anne G.)

A wonderful treat you’ll want to eat
Though your parents will debate
‘Cause they will hate
this wonderfully wonderful thing

This recipe remains untested (to my knowledge).