Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Keep the Creativity Rolling

In January, one of my Facebook friends posted a challenge: she would make something for the first five people who replied, on the condition that they would make the same offer on their Facebook page. I wanted something from her, so I posted the offer to make something for five others and had five takers within hours.

This is the first of my 2010 "Keep The Creativity Rolling" projects. It's the Noro Silk Garden scarf first offered by Brooklyn Tweed on his blog in the Fall of 2008. It was all the rage that winter, though this is the first time I've made it.

I was proud of myself for scoring two different skeins of Noro Silk Garden when it was on sale a few years ago, but when I went to make the scarf, I learned that the pattern calls for two each. And of course when I went back to the store, willing to pay full price, they didn't have either of those colorways in stock. Oh well.

So this scarf is made from three different colorways, two at the first half (left side of photo) and one at the second half. I had to do a little cutting and pasting to be sure that the second half didn't end up with the "stripes" being the same color, but it worked out okay and I hardly wasted any.

Specifics: 4 50 gm skeins of Noro Silk Garden, 2 each of 2 colorways
Size 8 straight needles
Gauge: who cares? It's a scarf!

Cast on 39 or 41 stitches, knit 2 rows in K1P1 ribbing. Change to other colorway, K1P1 ribbing for 2 rows. Continue until you run out of yarn, alternating colors every 2 rows. Slip the first and last stitch on the second row of each color for a nice smooth edge. Finished scarf will be about 5" wide (unblocked) and about 7' long.


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