Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What I Forgot To Say

I got so excited last night being able to post a photo of my knitting that I completely forgot my knitting blog etiquette, which is GIVING INFORMATION. So here is the information about the sock, along with another photo for your drooling pleasure.

MATERIALS: Tess' Designer Sock Yarn in an unnamed colorway which is a very subtle shading between pale blue and pale green. (You can hardly see the green in real life, so don't bother looking for it in the photo. Just believe me that it's beautiful.) This is called "Super socks and baby yarn," 80% wool and 20% nylon, supposedly machine washable and dryable. (I'll put washable hand knit socks into one of those mesh bags in the washing machine, but I would never put them in the dryer no matter what the label says.) I got this at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last May, which was a knitter's paradise if I ever saw one.

The pattern for this sock is Hedera. It took me a while to figure out the pattern (my first real lace) but eventually I realized that I was really only keeping track of five stitches over three rows (four really, but two were the same), and suddenly it seemed possible.

I knit a lot of this sock on airplanes and in airports between Baltimore and Seattle. What a joy to see it evolve! On the way to Seattle, I was sitting next to a businessman whose wife (not with him) is a knitter. This guy must love his wife a lot, as he was very enthusiastic talking with me about knitting, and he even pointed me to a yarn shop in my mother-in-law's neighborhood which I never would have discovered. He was duly impressed with the sock. I was duly impressed with him.


Blogger ms. kitty said...

You were in Seattle and you didn't come see me? Hmmph! But I forgive you---we'll hook up at GA.

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