Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bruised from Stem to Stern

Here's what to do after neck surgery: stay home and don't let anyone see you. I look like I've been run over by a truck, with a very fat neck and horrendous bruises all over my neck and chest. This is one of those (many) times when I'm so glad to have a co-minister partner who can step in when needed. He's taking over for me on Sunday so the poor congregation doesn't have to be subjected to this sorry sight, and I can recuperate in peace without frettig over what to say on Sunday.

Guess I don't have to fret over what to wear, either. Comfy shorts and a sleeveless shirt that buttons down the front. (No pulling clothes over my head for a while--too scary!)

Time to go take a nap.


Anonymous Andromeda (aka, Berry's oldest human sibling) said...

I like these entries (although I feel bad about the subject matter of the last one); just little bits of info about what's going on. What is the comment about standing on a fish about?

6:19 PM  

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